PINK LOVE LGBT Online Film Festival

PINK LOVE is a premier LGBTQA+ International Online film festival encouraging Independent Film Makers to showcase International films and new media to the world. PINK LOVE is India's first truly digital film festival with its independent platform called www.ontfm.com. Our festival is devoted to finding and highlighting the best cinema in the world and to taking it to maximum people through digital media, minus the biases. Our Power-packed International Jury will select the award-winning films.

We Are Inspired by Innovation, Enterprise, and Creativity in Film making. Thousands of films are made every year by extremely talented, innovative, and visionary filmmakers that are left unnoticed. We aim to celebrate these filmmakers for their efforts and share with the world the raw talent that we discover along the way. This LGBTQA+ film festival is our endeavor to support talent and create unbiased gender representation.

                                       How it Works

Engage your audiences online

Showcase your talent to a wider audience through our other theme film festivals.

Digital screening to increase the reach. 

Watch Film Festival Here


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